Our vision is to create opportunities in and around the Doncaster area, that can act as a context for meeting the broad range of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs within local communities.

We are keen to work with strategic partners by developing closer relationships, joined up thinking, and a shared vision for the local community in Doncaster.

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Life Stories at Lunch event at Manna Community

Why is it good to meet people who are not like us? This video showcases a Life Stories at Lunch event at Manna Community. It highlights the benefits of listening to others, and how the Christian faith can play a part in helping us understand each other.

The guest at this event was Rev Colin Chambers. Colin is a former Lt Cdr in the South African Navy, a qualified special needs primary teacher and an Ordained Christian Minister. He was a Prison Chaplain for 15 years, including the eight years when Nelson Mandela was on Robben Island and became a personal friend to the future president. Colin has also been a Radio Chaplain, Principal of the Theological College of South Africa and a missionary in the Ukraine with YWAM.